Feeling Right at Home in Brasov.

As I sit in my favorite Romanian coffee shop in Brasov, Kafe Pub, I say to the waiter “multumesc” [thank you] when he serves me my coconut café; I can’t help but notice something different within myself. I feel well at home in this country after only being here for a week and a half. This feeling is somewhat shocking to me. Prior to this adventure, I was worried about not liking it here or immediately going through all of the stages of homesickness. However, the second I stepped foot off of that airplane, I felt safe and an immense amount of welcomeness from the Romanians I met. As I walk down the cobblestone streets of Brasov each day, I feel moved by the history that each building holds. I always stop and stare at The Black Church in awe on my commute to work. I walk down these same streets and can be greeted with a simple smile or salute from a stranger. I hear the church bells go off in the morning, and evening, reminding me that I am no longer in Scranton, Pennsylvania. But when I look up at the Carpathian Mountains and see the “Brasov” sign, I am reminded that this is my “new” home. That sign doesn’t just remind me that I am home – it triggers inspiration. I feel inspired to go to work everyday and not only teach my students, but to learn from them as well. I am inspired to immerse myself in the Romanian culture and explore other cities. I am going to end this short blog post with a quote by one of my favorite authors, R.M. Drake. – “She was in love with her life, and for the first time, in a long time, everything was inspiring.”

2016-05-17 15.31.37.jpg

(Kafe Pub)

2016-05-18 08.34.14-1.jpg

(Council Square)

Carpe Diem


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