Weekend Adventures in Sibiu and Sinaia, Romania

I am always eager to explore somewhere new on the weekends. I arrived in Brasov, Romania, a week ago and immediately fell in love with its atmosphere. However, since I am living in Brasov, Romania, for five more weeks and there’s many other Romania cities that I must see before my return to the States. I will later write a blog post about the gorgeous medieval Romanian city. This past week I got the chance to explore two other medieval  towns, Sibiu and Sinaia.


On Saturday, I left for Sibiu at 6 o’ clock in the morning and traveled four hours by train to the destination. Sibiu was built in the 12th century by German settlers, known as Transylvanian Saxons. Sibiu is a friendly city that has two easily accessible levels: Upper town and Lower town. The Upper town is home to most of Sibiu’s historic sights. In Lower town, you’ll find beautiful colorful houses on cobblestone streets and bounded by city walls and defense towers that overlooks the River Cibin.2016-05-21 14.18.27-1

(Lower town, Sibiu)

Since Sibiu is a relatively large Romanian city, I didn’t get to explore everything.  However, if you are planning to go to Sibiu, I suggest staying for a weekend that way you have enough time to experience it all. The first stop of the day was Muzeul National Brukenthal (The National Brukenthal Museum). It is considered to be one of Romania’s finest museum. Also it is the oldest museum in Romania and one of the first museums to open in Europe. The museum’s building itself contains architectural and historical significance; dated in 1790. The museum holds about 1,200 works from the 15th to the 18th century. I highly suggest checking out the Romanian art gallery and the museum’s garden.


Podul Minciunilor (The Bridge of Lies) was built in 1859 and was the first wrought iron bridge in Romania. It leads you from Upper to Lower Town. Legend says that if you lie while  standing on the bridge it will collapsed. Young lovers come here to say they love each other.

2016-05-21 14.05.56

Pasajul Scarilor (The Stairs Passage) was built in the 13th century and is architectural masterpiece that contains staircases and archways. It connects the Upper Lower Town.

2016-05-21 13.26.32.jpg

Turnul Dulgherilor (Carpenter’s Town) was built in the 15th century. It is one of three towers that one can find in the city of Sibiu.

2016-05-21 14.19.03.jpg

Parohia Evanghelica (Evangelic Church) is truly an impressive gothic church. It has the tallest tower in Transylvania. It is also home to one out of two existing organs from the Wilhelm Sauer Company.

Other pictures from Sibiu, Romania


On Sunday, we took a bus to picturesque town of Sinaia. The purpose of this trip was to see Peles Castle. Peles Castel is a German new-Renaissance architecture commissioned by King Carol I in 1873. It considered to be of the most beautifulest castles in Europe. The castle that has 160 rooms contains the finest European art, German-stained windows, and Murano crystal chandeliers. I recommend visiting the castle on a week day because it was overly crowded and bring your student i.d. card to receive a discount. Tour options can get expensive.

After visiting the castle, the volunteers that I work with and I decided to go site seeing. To see an overview of the town of Sinaia, I recommend going to Gondola “Telegondola” Sinaia. It’s a ski and bike resort, that open its chairlifts in the summer for people to enjoy the view of the town. You can also hike up the  mountain if you wish. 2016-05-22 14.42.05.jpg

Lastly, I recommend eating at Bucegi Restaurant. It has a great assortment of Romanian wines and they up dish specialities like grilled bear, omelettes, version, and range of salads. Other places you should check out if you’re in Sinaia is the casino located in Dimitrie Ghica park and the Sinaia Monastery.

Stay tune for Romanian adventures!


Carpe Diem!



10 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures in Sibiu and Sinaia, Romania

    1. I highly recommend visiting the Transylvania area, majority of the cities are beautiful and have so much history behind each building. Also, the food is pretty good! I’ll be traveling more throughout Romania the next five weeks, so stay tune and hopefully it will inspire you to come here.

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      1. I would recommend trying sarmale, it’s a traditional Romanian dish. Chimney cakes are delicious as well! I only went to Peles Castle and Bran Castle during my stay and found them both beautiful! I hope you enjoy Romania, I absolutely love it !

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