Dealing with Bad Luck Traveling on Friday the 13th, yet Beating Jet Lag

Flying out on Friday 13th, didn’t phase me when I booked my flight tickets this past February. In fact, I was never one to believe in the superstition, due to having a few birthdays in the past fall on this “unfortunate” day. However, as the day approached it seem timing and luck weren’t on my side.

If you have had flown internationally before, you would know that it’s best to arrive to the airport two-three hours before your boarding time. That way you have enough time to go through baggage drop off and customs and border protection. I left my house five hours before my flight was set to fly out to Paris. On a typical Friday afternoon driving through New York City can be more hectic than normal, due to it being the weekend. The traffic was so notorious that I almost had to rush myself through baggage drop off and customs. However, as soon as I reached the airport, I receive a notification stating that my flight will be delayed by a half-hour. This half-hour delayed turn into a two-hour delayed, which conflicted with my scheduled two-hour layover in Paris. The delay left me with exactly thirty minutes to board on to the next flight. I looked like a chicken running its head cut off through the Paris airport trying to find the right terminal and gate to make it through the French customs and border protection. I board onto my final flight with only a minute to spare. Unfortunately, my bad luck didn’t stop there. My biggest fear when traveling happened. My luggage was left at the Paris airport and didn’t make its way with me to my final destination in Bucharest. Luckily, Air France delivered my luggage this morning. Regardless of this bad luck with traveling experience, I promised myself that I was not going to be defeated by jet lag.

Jet lag doesn’t necessarily happen because of hydration and tiredness after a journey. Jet lag occurs when you cross multiple time zones which can affect the level of your appetite, alertness and sleeping patterns. Being the jet lag dodger planner that I am, I started to change my sleeping patterns days before my trip. I would take more frequent naps and going to sleep earlier at night to prepared myself for the time zone difference in Europe. Another tip on how to beat jet lag is to fuel your body by having light meals and less caffeine. It’s best to avoid alcohol before, during and right after you land. Dehydration is alcohol’s ugly stepsister. On the plane the flight attendants will ask you periodically if you would like something to drink, always choose water. B what happens if you can’t beat jet lag?

Melatonin has been proven to have great results. The hormone melatonin already regulates your sleep rhythms. A synthetic dose of it can help with your adjustments to the new time zone. If that doesn’t work for you, simply just keep moving. During hours of transit, walk around the airport terminal to get your blood circulating. Another suggestion is to hide behind your sunglasses. Make sure you pack a pair of sunglasses; you can always wear them on the flight to help you sleep. Or you can simple embrace jet lag and its attendant insanity.



Carpe Diem!


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