Carry-On Essentials

Whenever I am preparing for a long or short-term trip, I like to have my essentials with me in my carry-on purse. These are items that I would absolutely need to have access to while being on a flight, and would want the second I reach my destination. I put a list together of some of the main items I always include in my carry-on purse. This is just a basic list, along with some tips and ideas to help make preparing for your flight easier.

Passport, identification documents, credit cards/cash

When traveling abroad, it is VERY important to remember to pack your passport and important identification documents. These items are your key into the airport security checkpoints, as well as for emergencies (missing luggage, cancelled flight re-booking, etc.) It is highly suggested that you make copies of your passport and identification documents. Another tip is to let your bankcard know ahead of time when you will be traveling outside of your general area, that way your card will work in your destination. Also, I always keep at least 20-30 American dollars on me for my return flight home to the States, in the event I need it to purchase food or souvenirs before exiting the airport.


If you need your cell-phone, laptop, tablet or other electronics, then definitely pack those items in your carry-on. Also, don’t forget to pack your chargers and headphones; most airlines will charge you for a pair of headphones. Portable chargers are a good investment if you travel often. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to find an outlet in an airport on your phone and, especially if you’re traveling alone, you do not want to run out of battery on your devices.


Looking out the window will not keep you occupied throughout the flight. I suggest bringing  book, magazine, journals or crossword puzzles. I personally love to read while I’m on a plane. If you’re an E-Reader, you can pack hundreds of books onto your thin tablet. However, if you’re a reader who loves the feeling of physical book, please keep in mind that hardcover will weigh you down. I also keep a journal with me to document moments that I would love to share later with my friends and family. Trust me, you meet some interesting individuals while flying.

Extra pair of clothes

I have dealt with lost luggage before, but luckily I was prepared. I suggest packing a change of underwear, socks and a clean shirt. By doing this, you can feel refreshed until your luggage is found. Most important, however, make sure that your extra pair of clothes within carry-on is accommodating to the weather at your destination.


Invest in toiletries, especially when traveling on long flights. I always pack mints in my carry-on due to the fact that some cultures find chewing gum in public offensive. Also, I pick mini dental floss with me, along with Colgate Wisp Mini-Brushes. Alba Hawaiian 3-in-1 Clean Towelettes is a product that will always be found in my carry-on. This product leaves your skin feeling clean, which is a great way to refresh yourself especially after those long hours of flying. Other things that can be found in my carry-on are: mini deodorants,  tinted moisturizer, Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash mascara, EOS  lip balm, and lastly, a sample of my current favorite perfume that I can get at Sephora.


I always pack a small Ziplock bag of dry almonds, granola or a small bag of pretzels. You can pack your own lunch or snack as long as it’s wrapped and not a liquid. Lastly, I always carry a water bottle with me and fill it once I pass security.


Not important, but nice to have on hand: map of the destination, travel size bottle and containers and an umbrella.


Keep in mind, we all have different needs and travel styles. This list works the best for me, depending on the destination that I am traveling to. I hope you found this information helpful!

Carpe Diem


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